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Flags of the World

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This Flags of the World Pack contains:

The Flags of 229 countries including the United Nations.

All flags are from the CIA World Factbook plus Palestine which was not listed on the site.

All textures are high quality 4K PNG Format (8150 x 4000px)
(Nepal’s Flag Treated Separately)

5 Element 3D Presets per Country
(1145 Presets)

1 x Clean Flag Preset

2 x Dirt Stained Presets

2 x Ripped Flag Presets
(1 x Ripped Mask with 2 Separate Dirt Stained Maps)

6 x Fabric Textures to Choose From

1 x Black & White Ripped Mask Texture as a Reference

2 x Dirt Maps

1 x OBJ Sequence
(800 Frames Captured at 30fps that Seamlessly Loops)

1 x Flagpole Model Preset
(The E3D Flagpole Preset & Flag Preset Fit Together Perfectly in Element’s Scene Setup UI)

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Flags of the World

4 ratings
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